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I'm an art guide in Paris, and I'm your guide in the interweaving museum corridors and streets of the French capital.
My name is Olya, I'm an art historian and a person who is blindly in love with Paris and my work.
My personalised tours are an opportunity to get to know Paris from the inside out, bring its history to life and learn about its present.
You can choose one program or combine several of them - I will tell you how to do it most effectively.
with Paris and do everything to make you want to come back here again. Together we...
My aim is to make you fall in love
Search for secret signs and messages, and pay attention to inconspicuous details. This is something you will never forget!
Laugh at the embarrassments of famous historical characters, empathize with their downfalls and admire their victories!
Eat the most delicious croissants, drink the best coffee, look at passers-by from the terraces of Parisian brasseries
Travel to other historical eras without listing endless dates
A tour is always a dialogue! You wonder, listen, laugh, look, think, empathize, compare facts, solve riddles and whistle with surprise!
flat in Paris
flat in Paris
The perfect flat for your trip to Paris
I know how difficult it is to find good accommodation in Paris. All too often my tourists complain about smells, poor cleaning or an off-putting neighbourhood that looked amazing in the photo. Be careful!

A few days ago we finished the renovation and I'm happy to tell you that it is now possible to rent a flat in Paris with my help!

The rental price is €250
Booking on 1 day prepayment

Perfect for your family holidays! I'm waiting for you in Paris!
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my blog
my blog
I've been writing about Paris for several years now, discovering the most hidden places, showing the city through the prism of architecture and painting, making history come alive before your eyes.
Art helps you travel from the comfort of your own home! Crossing borders and eras, changing continents and countries, visiting all kinds of museums.
the atmosphere of Paris
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